Massachusetts TBI in Elders Web Course

As part of the sustainability plan for the “Improving the MA Systems of Care for Elders Sustaining a TBI” grant, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) has developed a free web-based course on brain injury in adults with a particular interest in elders.
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The Traumatic Brain Injury in Elders web course was produced in collaboration with staff at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA), MA Department of Public Health (DPH), the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI) and several subject-matter expert consultants. The web course curricula were designed to help Massachusetts build a trained TBI work force across the entire state. The accessible course is geared for all levels of community providers and aims:

  • To increase public awareness around incidence of TBI in older adults
  • To facilitate routine screening for TBI in all settings
  • To improve access to brain injury information and resources for all

The course work is comprised of six modules, recommended for those new to TBI and those seeking to refresh their knowledge of the topic. Modules One and Two are required content and will need to be completed first to access the rest of the course materials. Modules Three, Four, Five and Six can be taken independently of one another after completion of Modules One and Two. A short quiz and evaluation are administered at the end of the lesson to test your knowledge and gather feedback on the experience. Your honest feedback will be used to develop new modules and to improve the skills. All modules are eligible for Continuing Education. Your personalized username and password allows you to control the pace by which you complete each lesson.

Traumatic Brain Injury 101

In Module 1, participants will be provided with introductory information including what a TBI is, potential long-term outcomes and compensatory strategies. Cultural competence and the impact of TBI on families will also be discussed.

Screening and Resources

In Module 2, participants will review the TBI screening tool and learn how to implement the tool and interpret results. TBI resources in Massachusetts will also be included.

Mental Health

In Module 3, participants will learn about several mental health disorders and review topics related to dual diagnosis of TBI and mental illness. This module will also include potential treatment options for these individuals and support strategies for caregivers.


In Module 4, participants will learn about common medications utilized in brain injury populations with a particular focus on elder populations. The use of off-label medications will also be reviewed.

Alcohol & Drug Use and Traumatic Brain Injury

In Module 5, participants will learn the criteria for substance use disorders and review topics related to substance use, brain injury and aging. The module will discuss screening tools for individuals with brain injuries and substance use disorders, as well as treatment approaches for this population.


In Module 6, participants will learn about the relationship between brain injury and homelessness and strategies for working with this population. Homelessness resources and services in Massachusetts are also included in this module.